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Most adult webcam sites are structured around the idea of “free chat”. This is where customers get a chance to see you and you get a chance to tease, flirt and turn them on to the point that they’ll want to enter into a group or vip one-on-one chat with you, group chat or one-on-one chat is where you make your money. Now, “buzz” is the number of members or visitors in your free chat room who are going nuts to see certain things like… you naked, doing specific acts, getting to know you, asking for your websites and email address, typing in “CAPS” to get your attention, etc. This whole concept of buzz is actually quite simple, but it takes patience… this may sound strange, but we’re going to suggest that you learn to drive buzz in your open room, and at the same time… ignore the buzz! This means, do not be angry or upset when customers are asking to see you naked in the open room (you shouldn’t do this even if you want to, because nudity is only legal in private chat). Selling shows is a numbers game. The more customers you keep in the open room… the better.


How do you hold interest? It’s not hard, if you are actively posing, showing off and talking with sexy, hot overtones. Remember, this is a site based on SEX and erotic themes, and bringing the subject back to SEX and erotic themes in subtle ways is critical to condemn a high customer count. Talking about sports, movies, music, cars and so on… is OK to provide some insight into your personality. But, at the same time, it can be hard to make the leap from talking about the big play that won the Super Bowl to how you can tease and seduce your chat room visitor into a private, paid chat. KEEP IT SEXY… or always bring the talk back to sex.


It’s a good idea to develop and drive buzz in the following manner. Pose and include some occasional flashes here and there. Keep the overall subject matter about SEX, after all… that’s why the customer is here. Ignore demanding and begging comments totally, or better yet… encourage them! Having hundreds of customers all worked up, begging and demanding… proves you are doing what it takes to build buzz. Customers like to see you are popular and understanding of their state of mind. They also like to think of themselves as your savior coming to your rescue… taking you away from all the madness created by other visitors. You want to drive your customers crazy enough to forget their fears and sign up to purchase a 1-on-1 show. The more buzz you create; the more customers you affect. Always remember that you are a performer… an actress… and you should do everything possible to give an inspired performance with sexy and erotic overtones and suggestiveness. That’s what the viewer is looking for… an erotic experience. It’s up to you to fulfill the viewer’s expectations with your acting skills.


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