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Searching for pet friendly apartments in Austin that meet your needs can sometimes be a little more difficult than it appears. A lot of apartment renters become ticked-off once they finally find a rental which they really like Matthew Stafford Youth Jersey , only to discover that their pets don’t satisfy the rules or the fact that the deposit is $400…per pet. Bear in mind that apartment communities all have guidelines pertaining to pets that safeguard their own interests along with the interests of the residents at the property. If you have a cat, luckily most of these rules won’t apply. Almost all rules will apply to dogs and you can expect the deposit to be more if you have a large dog.


How much is the deposit? The pet deposits at most Austin apartments can vary widely but in general you can expect to pay $300-$400 per pet, with half of that being eligible for refund after your lease has ended. In some instances the property may be willing to divide the deposit into two or three monthly payments rather than requiring it in a lump sum at move-in. A number of properties have elected to charge a “pet fee” rather than a deposit in recent years. This fee is generally $300 or so and is completely non-refundable (it’s a fee after all). The other possible expense to look out for is pet rent. Pet rent is a fairly recent addtion to the pet-related fees charged by Austin apartments, but it is now standard at about half of the properties in the area. Pet rent is simply a monthly fee, usually around $10-$15 per month added to your apartment rent that pays for pet stations and waste removal from the grounds. Be sure to ask the leasing agent to list all of the fees before you apply for your apartment.


What about the weight of my pet? In many cases, apartment communities will charge a slightly higher deposit if your dog is over a certain weight such as 25 or 35 pounds and most will set a pet weight limit. For most Austin apartments, that limit will be around 60-100lbs. If you have a large dog, ask the leasing agent what the weight limit is before you tour the property. Many renters will tour a property, fill out applications and then ask about their pet. This is the wrong order of things. The next question a renter might ask, is if the pet limit is 50 pounds and their pet weighs 55 pounds, will they be declined? In short, probably not. You don’t often hear of an apartment community weighing a pet before move-in. But they will ask for your records from your veterinarian, so make sure your pet is up to date on all immunizations.


What about different dog breeds? Virtually all apartments in Austin will not allow aggressive breeds under any circumstances. This includes Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Chows and in some cases Boxers. If your pet is a mix of one of the restricted breeds and another non-aggresive breed, it’s up to the management company to decide if they wish to allow it. These limitations are lamented by a lot of Austin pet owners when they need to rent an apartment, but as a renter you should understand that there is a significant liabilty at stake for the apartment management company and owners if your pet bites or injures another tenant on the property.


Where do I turn for help? If you have to rent an apartment in Austin and you have a particularly large dog or an aggressive breed, your best bet is to contact an experienced apartment locator. Austin apartment locators maintain lists of properties that work with large pets and can tell you if there are any apartments in your preferred area that will allow an aggressive breed. Remember to be upfront and honest. Apartment complexes and apartment locators know that an American Staffordshire Terrier is a Pit Bull. Don’t insult their intelligence by lying and they will likely do their best to assist you with finding a home for you and your four-legged friend.


Finding Austin apartments that work with pets of all types and sizes doesn’t have to be frustrating. Austin Apartment Pros is a locally-owned Austin apartment locating company that helps renters find apartments in Austin that suit both their needs and those of their pets. Please visit us online at http:www.austinapartmentpros for more information.

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