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Overview of GMAT entrance test

Posted by nitishasherawat on December 12th Cheap Bengals Jerseys , 2014


GMAT, abbreviated of Graduate Management Admission Test is a standardized test, conducted to identify the ability of students to join management courses for further studies. Beating this entrance test and attaining a good score is very important, especially for those who want to get MBA education in reputed business schools in Canada and USA. The GMAT test is conducted in Maths Tyler Kroft Bengals Jersey , English language and general aptitude in order to judge the ability of students, whether they are capable to business studies or not. Hence, it is important that one must have a systematical plan and good training to approach the test.


The GMAT test includes three sections, and one have to score good marks in all the sections in order to qualify the test and get admission in good universities and business schools abroad. Below the details of all the three sections:


Analytical writing assessment:


Instead of question and answer Jake Fisher Bengals Jersey , you need to write an essay on the given topic. Your essay will be read by two to three readers. The total score varies between 0 to 6 in this section. It comprises of 2 essays that you have to write within 30 minutes.


Verbal reasoning


It includes various topics, like comprehension reading, omission, sentence correction Cedric Ogbuehi Bengals Jersey , grammatical correction and critical reasoning. This very section contains 41 questions that one has to solve in 75 minutes. In this section, the scores range between 0-60. These numbers are calculated based on a formula that consider the number of questions answered, numbers of wrong answer and the level of the questions.


Quantitative reasoning


The scoring system of quantitative reasoning is same as verbal reasoning. This section contains 37 questions and the total time allowed to answers all the question is 75 minutes with maximum scores 400. It includes question based on data sufficiency, profit and loss Josh Malone Bengals Jersey , elementary mathematics and problem solving.


The proper training course offered by various GMAT coaching in Gurgaon is approx11 to 14 weeks with a highly flexible class schedule. These courses are designed to keep the students efficiency and test needs in mind. The classes for GMAT training are held twice and thrice a week and each class comprises duration of three hours. Weekend classes are also held to help those students, who have no time for joining regular class.


Mnemonic Education Pvt. Ltd, is a Delhi based education consulting firms and specializes in helping students in getting admission in their desired university and location to pursue higher studies. Besides this, Mnemonic Education Pvt. Ltd also offers unparalleled coaching in GMAT Carl Lawson Bengals Jersey , PTE, SAT, GRE, IELTS and TOEFL and has helped thousands of students in getting admission in their dreamed schools.


About the Author…


I am Nitisha Sherawat Jordan Willis Bengals Jersey , an experienced one in education industry and work for Mnemonic Education. This is the best institute in Delhi & NCR. Right now, I am writing on different subjects like SAT preparation in Delhi, GRE classes in Gurgaon, TOEFL Nick Vigil Bengals Jersey , and GMAT Training Institute Delhi etc.


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